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Praises From Clients and Peers


I've gone to many chiropractors around the US over the last 30 years. I can honestly say that Dr. Jennifer's style and treatment methods stand out. 

She used the Active Release Technique (ART) to help me with a twisting back muscle issue.The adjustments were so gentle I wondered how it could possibly help -- and I am thrilled to say that it has! After just a few adjustments my back is better than it has been in over five years! Life changing!

I would recommend Dr. Jen and her team to anyone who is looking for genunie customized treatments by a very caring doc. Balanced Health is a family practice that feels like home.

Kimberlee Hayward

Anchorage, AK

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Dr. Jennifer has poured hours into learning how to better take care of families and children in order to help serve those in her community. She has the tools and compassion to take care of you and help you reach your health goals. If you’re looking for help call her today!

Dr. Christine Haynes Chiropractor

I love Dr Jen for so many reasons. She was able to get my breech baby head down in just two sessions with the Webster Technique - that alone keeps her dear to my heart.


On top of that, my son adores getting adjusted by her. He asks to go see Dr Jen every week. My son is normally touch averse, so this speaks volumes about her energy and care.


She is beautifully competent and humble, and she knows how to see the bigger picture when developing care plans.


As a Certified Professional Midwife here in Anchorage, I refer my pregnant clients to her regularly for anything from sore hips to a breech baby. I know they are in good hands when they see Dr Jen. I trust her, my son trusts her, and my clients rave about her. She is the chiropractic gem of Anchorage.

Jessica Johnston


Balanced Health Chiropractic has my highest praise. I recently came back from a Heli Ski trip and it was Balanced Health Chiropractic that allowed me to be successful and thrive while I trained for the trip. Jennifer's activity suggestions and stretches helped me stay strong and out of pain while I worked through previous injuries in order to accomplish this goal. Everyone at this business is amazing, they work as a team to keep people healthy. Thank you for everything.
Sarah Cat
Anchorage, AK

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