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Thermal Imaging

Breast Thermal Imagaing


Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging​

A No Compression, No Radiation, Non-invasive Technology

Using a high-tech, thermal imaging camera, it is now possible to see changes taking place in the body, signals that trouble may be down the road. 


While thermal imaging can be done on nearly any body part, breast imaging provides the following benefits: 

  • The formation of angiogenesis years in advance (new blood vessel growth)
  • Indications of hormonal imbalances
  • Symmetry imbalances
  • Vascular circulation increase
  • Metabolic activity increase 
  • Without any pain, radiation or compression
  • A non-complicated or expensive procedure
  • FDA cleared as a safe and effective non-invasive adjunct to mammography

Adding thermal imaging to your tool box for breast health can be one of the most proactive steps you can take for the earliest detection of breast disease.


Thermography adds the dimension of physiology (function) for a higher rate of disease detection even in its infancy. When combined with structural imaging and a clinical breast exam- Your chances of detecting breast disease have substantially increased.


Balanced Health Chiropractic is honored have   Sheri Higbee, founder of Advanced Thermal Imaging working  in our office.

Advanced Thermal Imaging of Alaska

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