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Soap and Herbs

My Personal Favorites

Looking for wellness products that truly work? I've got you covered.

Finding genuine health and wellness products shouldn't be so challenging, but unfortunately, quality brands are often hidden among the greenwashed options.

That's why I’m passionate about sharing my top picks with you!

These are my true recommendations—products I use and love in my home and practice.

Vegetables in Paper Bags

I follow a 30-day rule for any new product: I use it for a full month to understand how it fits into my daily life. If it becomes a favorite, I can't help but share it with you!

In the spirit of full transparency, please know that I earn a commission of 4-15% on any purchases made through these links. This small gesture supports me and my family as I continue to offer free health information to you and your family.

I also strive to secure discount codes to help you save on the products I love! Whenever available, you’ll find those codes listed below.

Defender Shield
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